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Mrs. Figueroa-Torres

A Message From Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Sandra Figueroa-Torres

Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School began as a dream more than twenty years ago.
I “dreamed” of a public school where “at-promise” children and youth, who society deems to be “at-risk,” would receive a free, high-quality public education in small learning communities where they would be challenged and nurtured in a holistic manner.

The idea was to create a school where students and adults would develop strong relationships based on trust, honor and respect. I envisioned a place where character and integrity would not only be taught, but modeled by staff and faculty…a school where life-on-life transformation was a non-negotiable expectation…a “no-excuses” school where students would learn to succeed not in spite of their life circumstances, but because of them!

Given the challenging and difficult lives that many of our children face, I believed that we had a moral duty to step up and take action. Thus, Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School was born!

May 19, 2014
Lincoln Leadership 12th graders arrive in Virginia for SENIOR WEEK!

Lincoln goes to Lehigh


May 10, 2014
A group of 35 of our Lincoln students went to Lehigh University to see a conversation with Angela Davis and Nas. The conversation focused on current civil rights challenges, especially the criminal justice system. Their visit headlined the revamped, year-long focus on social justice led by Lehigh’s MLK planning committee, and was moderated by James Peterson, director of Africana Studies and professor of English. After the conversation, our students waited to get Angela Davis and Nas’ autograph. Nas was nice enough to snap a quick picture with our students and posted it on his social media websites.

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